KM World: Lucy enriches its Synopsis feature with generative AI capabilities

Lucy, provider of the leading AI-powered Answer Engine, is introducing eleven updates to its Lucy Synopsis feature, adding improved source citations, answer verification, and real-time AI feedback mechanisms. According to the company, these enhancements help companies leverage generative AI in a safe and trusted way to liberate their corporate knowledge and boost productivity across the enterprise.

“The practical applications of generative AI for the enterprise are extremely compelling. As the technology continues to advance and gain ground, there’s also a healthy amount of fear in the market around security as well as where AI models are pulling their answers from,” said Steve Frederickson, chief product officer at Lucy. “Lucy Synopsis is entirely different from the public generative AI tools out there. She pulls from companies’ private data and the information they own and license in a way that prioritizes citable content and isolates private information from large language models (LLM). She is also designed with security, accuracy, and verification mechanisms at the center, which instills users’ trust in the cutting-edge models and enables them to safely reap the practical benefits of generative AI for knowledge management.”

Lucy provides in-line citations to source data, linking to the exact page of the content the answer was generated from. Users can click the source links to understand the material Lucy’s responses are based on and easily navigate to helpful pages, and in certain cases she responds with the source answer directly. All answers delivered through Lucy Synopsis are derived only from an enterprise’s internal documents and connected tools.

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