PepsiCo’s HR teams couldn’t access their own ‘knowledge.’ AI came to the rescue


How can a global manufacturer like PepsiCo access valuable HR data, work products, and other knowledge within its enterprise to create effective learning and development programs for its estimated 291,000 global employees?

This common problem for large global enterprises was a challenge for Tom Norman, who oversees training and upskilling for the soft drink and snack manufacturer. His team knew that a key roadblock to fulfilling its L&D mission was that information—often called “knowledge”—was hidden inside PepsiCo’s myriad data silos around the world and that they either couldn’t find it or didn’t even know it existed. This knowledge included documents, presentations, videos, data, frequently asked questions, advice from PepsiCo managers and executives, and much more. Accessing this information could eliminate redundant projects and help with the creation of new initiatives.

Complicating the search for vital business information was the fact that it was often stored on employees’ desktop PCs and laptops, where it could be forgotten or lost when an employee resigned or was promoted to a new department.

The company’s standard searching practices had to be improved, according to Norman, PepsiCo’s digital learning manager, Talent Center of Excellence Europe. “What I’m trying to do is to make it easier for our learners to access more relevant and timely learning content that will supercharge their growth,” he said in a recent HRE webinar. “We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for people, but we work in a highly matrixed organization.”

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