RES Selects Lucy® to Elevate Industry Expertise for Sustainable Projects

RES and Lucy's Partnership Highlights That Expertise is Not Just a Strategic Advantage; it is a Transformative Force Driving Sustainable Initiatives

MINNEAPOLIS, March 12, 2024 ( - Lucy®, the world’s leading AI-powered Answer Engine®, today announced Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES), a leader in turnkey nature-based projects, has chosen Lucy, an advanced knowledge management solution, to enhance its business operations. RES's unique approach to land acquisition, ecology, engineering, construction, project management, and stewardship generates a wealth of data and insights spanning over a decade of active project lifecycles.

However, managing and accessing this vast amount of data poses a significant challenge for the organization, especially after acquiring several firms with different behaviors and standards for managing knowledge. To tackle this challenge, RES has employed Lucy — an AI Answer Engine that makes data easily searchable to unlock the wealth of knowledge scattered across various business units.

"At RES, our commitment to delivering sustainable and impactful nature-based projects is rooted in collaboration and scientific precision. Lucy's introduction to our knowledge management ecosystem is a strategic move to streamline our processes, save valuable time, and ensure the seamless transfer of expertise across our enterprise. We believe Lucy's capabilities will play a pivotal role in maintaining our leadership position and furthering our mission of restoring natural capital," shared Ben Eubanks, VP, East Region at RES.

At RES, in-depth industry knowledge is more than just valuable — it's the company's strategic advantage. It sets RES apart in the competitive landscape of mitigation projects, ensuring unparalleled expertise to meet performance standards on time and deliver exceptional outcomes. The company's commitment to excellence in every facet of projects is what defines RES.

Highlighting RES's commitment to expertise, Eubanks emphasized, "At RES, our commitment to expertise extends beyond projects — it's ingrained in our holistic approach to turnkey nature-based initiatives. With projects active for over a decade, we generate vast data and insights in project development, forming a reservoir of knowledge for future endeavors grounded in science and collaboration.”

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