The Power of Machine Learning in Knowledge Management

Remember when a company’s printed materials were its primary source of information? It wasn’t too long ago that a business’s collective knowledge was found in training manuals, in stacks of corporate documents, and in file folders. Today, company knowledge and information is found on employee computers, intranets and network drives, and in the cloud. Unlike SEO content, internal content is not written with the goal to be easily found (nor should it be). Thus the management of all this information can be crucial to a company’s success.

We recently did a deep dive into what knowledge management is: the different ways companies and employees find the information they need, in a quick, efficient and organized way. As companies get bigger and their knowledge increases exponentially each day, managing it all becomes integral to day-to-day operations. 

This is where machine learning (ML) comes into play. Machine learning is a tool with special capabilities. It is flexible, adapting to different data types, and it is scalable to tasks that no human could achieve. Both of these capabilities are instrumental in the world of Knowledge Management. Knowledge is growing very quickly every single day, particularly at large enterprise companies. Staffing an entire organization of people to tag documents doesn’t scale, and with human error is not more accurate than a great ML model. ML can help capture complex data and deliver critical answers buried with those assets, as no human team could. Your team can instead focus on making the best data backed decisions to drive your business forward. Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 9.04.46 AMWhen it comes to knowledge management platforms, not all are created equal. And while I’m obviously biased, Lucy’s implementation of ML is an unparalleled advantage over our competitors. Lucy not only helps employees search and find what they need, Lucy is designed to continuously learn and improve, advancing her into the realm of the cognitive. This is huge when it comes to knowledge management. Without it, every search starts from scratch, and you’re spending your time updating your tags rather than, oh I don’t know, anything else.

Lucy, unlike many of her competitors, provides specific answers within a company’s knowledge for a better search experience. Lucy uses award-winning, patented technology and acts as an answer engine rather than just a search engine by showing you the exact spot in your data asset where your answer lives. ML powers this quick turn of knowledge. 

So, how exactly can Lucy—and her ML superpowers—help your company with its knowledge management? 

Lucy automatically indexes and tags your content (which means no extra labor for your team!)

This is big news. From day one, Lucy is hard at work mastering your content using machine learning, so that she can give you the best answer engine experience possible. Her learning process is automatic, so you’ll spend little to no time training Lucy. To be super clear, this means Lucy is indexing and tagging your content, not you. Many knowledge management platforms require some level of manual tagging, which can be time suck and burdensome for the team. Lucy doesn’t and trust me, if you employ Lucy, your team will thank you.

Lucy uncovers market and competitive intelligence you didn't know you had

This is maybe my favorite trait of Lucy’s. She understands natural language input, so simply ask her a question, just like you would another coworker, and she’ll give you answers. This is especially useful if you’re not quite sure what information it is you need—ask her a general question, and she will help you narrow it down. Lucy is a wealth of your information and ML helps her unearth exactly what you need. 

Lucy is constantly learning from your feedback

As you and your team provide her with constructive feedback, Lucy gains a better understanding of her role at your company. She is immediately capable of doing her job and only gets smarter and better every day that she’s on your team.

Knowledge management is an important part of an organizational success, and a platform that can learn and grow as your business does provides a huge competitive advantage. And Lucy, with her machine learning capabilities, is the true MVP. 


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