As seen in GreenBook: Six Ways Insights Teams Lose Valuable Knowledge

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In the typical Fortune 500 company, research and insights teams have “access” to millions of pages of content. Think about the years and years of research that accumulates: Volumes of content, survey data, and thousands of charts, videos, and documents, all created over time.

Yet, how accessible is all of that valuable knowledge? Typically, 95% of accumulated data goes unused, and even though companies spend millions of dollars on this data a year, it’s often forgotten on the proverbial shelf, and those millions of dollars spent were wasted.

Why does this happen? Answers range from “I don’t spend any time hunting through old data because it’s not worth it” to “It’s a waste of my time, either I won’t find anything or it’s going to take me forever to find the data I need.” There are some that actually spend the time searching for the data, but it takes them days or even weeks – more time wasted.

Read the six common issues that cost businesses productivity and money due to the difficulty of managing enterprise structured and unstructured knowledge......

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