Steve Frederickson, How AI powers a next-gen ‘answer engine’

In an interview at AI & Big Data Expo with Steve Frederickson, Chief Product Officer at, we gained valuable insights into how AI is powering a next-gen “answer engine” for enterprises.

Lucy is designed to unlock and harness the vast knowledge residing within a company’s data repositories, regardless of format or source. From SharePoint and Google Drive to Dropbox and third-party tools, Lucy can seamlessly search and connect with all types of content, facilitating efficient knowledge retrieval for employees.

“Lucy 4, our latest version, is very exciting for us. We went through a significant development phase, incorporating feedback from customers who used Lucy 3. We re-envisioned what knowledge discovery means for large companies,” says Frederickson.

The team went back to the basics of what an answer engine should be, prioritising the content itself and the individuals who created it. The ultimate aim was to foster new connections and opportunities for collaboration within the enterprise, breaking down silos and facilitating knowledge-sharing across departments.

When measuring success, focuses not only on engagement metrics but also on the tangible impact it has on saving employees’ time.

Through interviews with customers, Frederickson has received feedback emphasising how Lucy has become a time-saving tool within their organisations. One notable outcome has been the breaking down of data silos between different departments and fostering a sense of unity and cooperation across the company.

The rise of remote work, particularly in a post-pandemic world, has further amplified the need for knowledge-surfacing solutions like Lucy.

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