How one agency uses AI to track and manage thousands of campaign assets — building its own library of 'collective knowledge'

For "CXO AI Playbook," Business Insider takes a look at mini case studies about AI adoption across industries, company sizes, and technology DNA. We've asked each of the featured companies to tell us about the problems they're trying to solve with AI, who's making these decisions internally, and their vision for using AI in the future.

Saatchi & Saatchi is a global communications and marketing agency that works with major brands, including Toyota and Tide. The agency, which is headquartered in London, is part of Publicis Communications, a hub of Publicis Groupe.

Situation analysis: What problem was the company trying to solve?

For each client and campaign, Saatchi & Saatchi creates a collection of assets, including images, videos, final presentations, strategic insights, and briefs. These items accumulate over the years as the agency continues working with clients, Jeremiah Knight, its chief operating officer, told Business Insider.

Often, teams need to review documents from past campaigns, such as when a company launches a product, he said, but the challenge is, "How do you find that stuff after you've created it?"

Sometimes, the people who worked on the original campaign can't remember where those documents are saved, or they might have left the agency, Knight added. Employees also don't always follow file-system hierarchies.

That can create a "needle in the haystack" situation to find necessary information, Knight said.

Key staff and partners

The agency realized that automation could help improve asset organization, Knight said, so he worked with the company's CEO and chief financial officer on a solution.

"Once you paint the picture of the problem and how valuable the solution might be, we all understood this would be a great thing for us to undertake," Knight added.

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