The day AI took over

In a recent personal blog post, our co-founder Scott Litman shared a compelling anecdote from his Tesla experience that resonated deeply. From AI's integration into our daily routines to its impact in professional settings, Scott's story underscores the significance of human involvement in our interactions with artificial intelligence. He dives into this crucial dialogue about our role alongside AI in both personal and professional spheres.

Recently, during a 90-minute drive from Minneapolis to Rochester, Minnesota, I entrusted my Tesla to take the wheel on the rural highways. As an early adopter of technology, I’ve been driving Tesla’s pretty much since they came out. One of the conveniences is that they are very good at self-driving on the highway. The journey to Rochester was smooth sailing, with my car efficiently handling most of the driving tasks. A few times, it gently nudged me to make sure I was properly paying attention—I was. 
However, it was on the return trip that things took an unexpected turn. My car steadily driving me along a deserted stretch of road, no cars visible in front or behind, I decided to make a quick call to my daughter. I reached for my phone. It was then, that the paradigm shifted. My car got angry with me. It flashed red warning lights and told me to put my hands on the wheel. My distraction had only been maybe for a second, yet it was clear that I had greatly upset my vehicle. 

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