Managing Information:  Where do I Start?

We have experienced an "explosion of information" in recent years...

...and accessing the data can be overwhelming. Do you feel like you are spending too much time looking for information (that you know exists), instead of simply accessing company assets and making them work for you? 

What Companies are Saying:

  • We have too many tools - and many are underutilized.
  • We want a single source of truth. 
  • We want all our platforms to work together? 
  • We need one place to go for everything! 

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Pain Points for Many Companies:

Many professionals spend 20% of their time looking for insights that have already been created. Their pain points are not unique:

  • Too much time on redundant research.
  • No standardization for tagging unstructured data.
  • Inordinate dependence on SME's.
  • Inefficiency with insight sharing.
  • Can't find insights in existing materials.
  • Inability to leverage video assets.
  • Retention of institutional knowledge once employees leave.
Image of woman with many tech tools surrounding her. My answers are in there, but where?

How do I start convincing my team we need a knowledge management solution?

Just like trying to find insights, trying to convince your team that a Knowledge Management Solution is right for your team, can feel overwhelming. The case for a Knowledge Management Solution can be far-reaching helping many different individuals and teams within your organization. But we would NOT encourage you to embrace the mantra "if you build it, they will come." Instead, start with developing a persona - simply one persona or user story, and frame your solution as a "solve" to the pain points of one person. 

Start with One

Global Insight Manager Persona Example

Take the approach of "walk before you run." Start by making certain your proposed solution will mitigate the pain points of the persona for which you are developing. 

Include the following questions in your persona development:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Years Experience
  • Company Basics
  • Role Description
  • Key Goals
  • Data Access Needs
  • Pain Points (what you can help solve)


What Next? 

Once you have created your primary persona or user story, it is easy to keep the focus on what a Knowledge Management Solution can do for you and your team today. After convincing your organization to move forward, the next steps will include assessing the ROI on the system, developing a successful implementation team, and creating a thorough implementation plan with a keen focus on tech adoption

Learn more by watching our recent webinar: What is Your User Story?

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