Is Your Knowledge Safe? 5 Questions to Ask.

5 Questions to Consider when Evaluating an AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution

Information security is paramount in the Knowledge Management world. Loss of data can be devastating to a company. When evaluating AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solutions, security should be a top factor in determining the best solution for your organization.

  1. Do you have to move documents out of your existing infrastructure (that has internal security controls) to upload everything to another system and establish new security protocols? 
  2. What certifications does your Knowledge Management Solution hold? 
    • ISO/IEC 27001 is the gold standard for data security.  
    • SOC is an easier standard to achieve.
  3. How is permission granted to your Knowledge Management Solution? Does it offer single sign-on and multi-factor authentication?
  4. Can you control what your Knowledge Management System is able to search? How are permissions set? And, how easy is it to alter permissions in the future? 
  5. When your team is using a Knowledge Management System, can you easily control user permissions and limit access to certain data? 

When evaluating a new Knowledge Management Solution, there are many factors to consider. Make sure to incorporate these questions as you evaluate your investment to ensure your information is secure. 

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