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(Excerpt from Creating Your Next-Generation Data Ecosystem where Scott Litman of  Lucy and Kristi Zuhlke of KnowledgeHound share the importance of data specialization.)

More and more companies are looking for the right solution to manage and access all of their data in one place. Marketers, Insight Professionals and Knowledge Workers are dealing with navigating through too many files, systems and tools to find what they need. In order to take advantage of all of the available information, employees would end up with 10 plus tabs open and asking the same question in system after system.

This is why so many large enterprises are now deploying complete knowledge portals, capable of linking together all knowledge that can include answers from internal documents & subscriptions, data visualizations from databases, finding experts within the organization and linking together critical tools to create a one-stop-shop for knowledge.

There are some technology vendors that say they can solve this by bringing it all into their platform. The problem comes that if you try to do everything, you aren’t really great at anything. Clients still need access to specialization of what best of breed data solutions provide.

Lucy takes a different approach to ensuring clients have access to all their data through one interface.

While Lucy is an expert at unstructured data, she also connects to tools and technologies tuned to very specific domains and scenarios allowing her to become the GPS for finding answers located across all of your files, systems and tools. We have been doing this through partnerships and integrations with leading best of breed solutions.

Lucy already has various levels of integrations across a number of platforms including: KnowledgeHound for visualization of survey data; Structural for tapping into the subject matter experts throughout an enterprise; Black Swan for unlocking the power of social data to understand and predict consumer trends; Zappi for ad and innovation testing; Big Sofa for creating and utilizing video to analyze and understand human behavior; and Trello, Jira and GitHub for project management. These and many other sources can be integrated with Lucy to create the most powerful and flexible knowledge platform based on your organization's specific needs.

Simply ask Lucy a question and she will guide you to the best answers found across all of your files, systems and critical tools—creating that one stop location for knowledge.
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