Client Stories: Ask Lucy vs SharePoint or Peers

“The Lucy team have been integral in building the vision, successful rollout and growing adoption. Lucy is solving problems we didn’t even realize we had. What Ask Lucy (the AI-powered search) does is magical for us.”

-Sr. Manager Commercial Knowledge & Communities at Fortune 500 CPG


Lucy implementation and adoption for a commercial knowledge team within a Fortune 500 CPG.



Build Lucy as the One-stop shop for Knowledge & Communities by changing current information gathering habits and creating internal fans:

  • Get time back
  • Stop interruptions of experts
  • Make more use of paid for research tools


  • All the information needed could be accessed though Lucy
  • 1st focus on tools currently used now in Lucy
  • Automate emails to drive users back to platform for news
  • Share monthly results and promote fans
  • Develop ambassador group to encourage peer use
  • Continually improve the platform based on user input and interaction

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 2.54.26 PM

Key Learnings
The three main Lucy features work together in generating traffic:

  • 48% of users go on to read announcements driven by automated mails
  • 46% uses Lucy for AI search and are doing multiple searches in one login
  • 43% visit one of a kind published content and communities (paid research tools)

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