Client Stories: Lucy Uncovers Hidden Insights

“I was gathering research we had on the future of TV viewership for a company stakeholder. After looking through SharePoint and a couple other sources, I thought ‘Let me try Lucy.’ I just asked her my question and she found an industry report that provided additional insights. Without Lucy, my answer would have been missing the additional details the report provided. I would not have known it existed without Lucy’s help.”

- Advertising Research Manager | Marketplace Insights 

Multinational Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate

Project: Delivering Insights on TV Viewership to a Stakeholder

Challenges to the Employee

  • Asked for detailed information on anticipated tv viewership for 2022 - 2024
  • Time spent looking through files and sources to gather relevant information
  • Not aware of what has been done in the past or where to get it
  • Wanting to avoid taking up too much time of others or interrupting their work

Working with Lucy = Results

  • By asking Lucy "Will television audiences decline in 2022?” a report was found that added more information
  • Would not have known of the beneficial information in the report without Lucy’s help
  • Improved the response to the stakeholder

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.54.46 AM

In respect to the privacy of our client’s data and competitive intelligence we can not share brand details or client specific screen shots. The case study shared is specific to the client’s shared story/success but the screenshot of Lucy is purely demo content / not a client’s.

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