Think AI is Years off? Think Again


If 2016 was the year of mobile and 2017 was the year of video, what will 2018 bring? According to former SAP and Oracle executive Bob Evans, 2018 will show us which leaders are serious about "digital transformation, customer-centric marketing and the unleashing of AI."

There it is: AI. Today's buzziest buzzword. But 2018 is here, and some marketing leaders are seizing the day. Here are five ways that AI is being used to improve results right now. 

1. Content
The cost of human capital is motivating publishers to produce both editorial and commercial content using AI. Some brands are taking the same route. IBM's Watson, for example, can create movie trailers by splicing just the right scenes together, based on an audience's emotional reactions. This capability was used to create the trailer for Luke Scott's 2016 AI thriller, "Morgan."
AI is also being used to find brands the ideal spokespeople. Sony, Hyundai and J&J all work with Influential, which uses machine learning to match brands to the talent that best fits their campaigns and objectives.

2. Tools and data.
Digital media buying is being redefined by AI tools like Albert, which can look across biddable media silos and make thousands if not millions of real-time budget allocation decisions between search, social and programming.
Then there's Lucy, Equals 3's Watson-powered data-mining tool. She can read white papers, create consumer archetypes and fold in all kinds of other data sets in her quest to help fashion the optimal channel allocation (whether it be specific TV networks or search). AI-powered software tools such as Jivox create bespoke content and dynamic ad units based on multiple sources of data at every stage of the consumer journey.  .... Read the full article

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